Support for Small Businesses

IT Support made simple for small businesses

Grow your business with smart IT Support solutions designed to help small businesses reach their goals.

Expert support

Certified experts on hand to help with your IT systems around the clock, ready whenever you need us.

Secure by design

Protect your business from cyber security risks with a unified approach to IT management tailored for small businesses.

Dedicated account manager

Working with us will feel like we’re part of your team, you’ll have a dedicated account manager on hand to help with anything.

Trusted by industry leading companies

Smart solutions

Comprehensive IT Support for your small business. Without the headaches.

Struggling to manage IT with limited resources? NetSec provides complete IT support services designed specifically for small businesses.

We understand the unique pain points that small business leaders face: lack of in-house IT skills, too many disjointed systems, poor hardware/software cost management, and exposure to cybersecurity risks.

Our IT Support package means our experts become your outsourced IT department, handling everything from network management to compliance.

We consolidate systems to simplify operations, leverage our partnerships to reduce hardware/software costs, and implement layered security solutions to protect your business.

With 24/7 monitoring, helpdesk ticketing, and ongoing training, NetSec provides the enterprise-level support small companies need to succeed.

Our tailored IT Support services give small businesses the foundation to scale securely.

Why NetSec?

We solve the IT problems that small businesses face daily

Our expert staff have a deep understanding of the challenges that small businesses face, and a proven track record of solving them for our customers.

Keeping costs low

We work with you to understand the unique challenges your business faces, allowing us to provide tailored IT solutions that support your business while keeping costs low.

Cyber security protection

Our unified security solution provides small businesses with easy access to security tools along with 24/7 support, remote monitoring, daily data backups, and much more.

Expertise on demand

Our friendly team are on hand to offer support around the clock. We can serve as your IT department or provide specialist expertise whenever you need it.

Manageable IT infrastructure

Too many separate systems making life complicated? Our unified approach to IT makes things manageable and affordable without compromising on functionality.

Staying ahead of the curve

Get access to our extensive partnership discounts and expert advice on the latest technologies from a trusted supplier who understands the unique needs of your small business.

Regulatory compliance

We can identify and address any compliance issues that your small business faces and implement the necessary procedures to reach compliance.

“Working with NetSec has provided us with flexibility to leverage expert skills when we need it the most. They have also been effective in up-skilling my IT team during the process of upgrades and support.”
Group IT Director
Metropolitan Gaming
Work Smarter Together

Get access to enterprise tech at small business prices through NetSec's extensive partner network

Our customers benefit from access to cutting edge technology solutions and premium discounts on hardware and software available through our extensive partner network.

As a Cisco Select Partner, NetSec is recognised for our expertise in providing small businesses with the next-generation IT solutions that power their success.

By leveraging our partnerships with Cisco, Microsoft, Dell, Heimdal Security, and Keeper Security to name a few, small businesses gain a competitive edge with IT infrastructure that provides reliability, agility, and scalability to grow on.

Frequently asked questions

Need more answers? Get in touch with our friendly sales team.

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How long does it take to complete the onboarding process?

Onboarding times vary depending on the size and complexity of your business. Typically, we aim to complete the onboarding process for small businesses in the first week.

How does the onboarding process for small businesses look?

We get to work from day one to implement all the necessary systems and integrations. We will work with external suppliers or internal staff where necessary to set-up NetSec accounts and provide access to the systems we require.

Once testing of your existing systems is complete, we will work with you to build a deep understanding of your short-medium term business goals and begin planning solutions to overcome any challenges your business faces as quickly as possible.

Our expert staff are trained to handle the unique needs of small businesses and will make themselves available to provide any support or training you require.
We will also work to document any legacy system set-up and ensure system data backups are in place.

Will we be tied into a lengthy contract?

No. We understand the need for small businesses to be flexible in order to respond to economic constraints quickly, so we do not tie our customers into lengthy long-term contracts unless they require it as part of their business plan. You can leave your contract at any time with 30 days’ notice.

What happens if a user leaves?

We will remove the monthly cost for the user from the next billing cycle along with any associated software or license costs. We will never charge you for licenses that you do not need.

Can you manage and restrict access to data and devices?

Yes. Our cloud platform provides the flexibility to define unique policies for individual users, departments, and devices. This allows for granular control over data access across your entire business.

Do you offer training to small businesses?

Yes. Your business will have access to the training you require at any time during the contract term. To get started, contact your dedicated account manager and they will schedule a call with one of our expertly trained staff to provide you with the training you require.

Do you provide 24/7 IT support for small businesses?

Yes. We provide small businesses with 24/7 IT support through our online ticketing portal and accompanying mobile app. Our expert staff are trained in the unique needs of small businesses and are always on hand to help.

How will we access the support we need?

Our IT support package for small businesses provides access to our online ticketing portal complete with a mobile app so that you can access expert support around the clock.

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