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Building resilience up and down the supply chain for distribution companies

Distribution companies often depend heavily on their supply chains, introducing complexities that must be considered when evaluating cyber risks.

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Why NetSec

Moving distribution forward with tailored IT solutions

At NetSec, we understand the complexities of the distribution industry. By aligning technology investments with business goals and objectives, we ensure added value for our clients. Our strategic roadmaps deliver value today while building foundations to competitively serve customers tomorrow.

Improving Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

Reliance on extensive supply chains increases exposure to cyber threats, as each link in the chain represents a potential entry point for attackers. We will work with your business to identify and resolve any vulnerabilities

Rock Solid Data Security

Our security-first approach ensures that distribution businesses are well protected against the array of cyber threats they face daily. The nature of the distribution industry is the vast amounts of sensitive data they handle, including customer information, financial records, and inventory data, making them prime targets for data breaches and theft.

Reducing Network Complexities

The complexity of distribution networks, often spanning multiple locations and involving various third parties, presents challenges in managing and securing IT infrastructure effectively. At NetSec we have a clear understanding of these complexities from working with some of the biggest distribution companies in the UK. We work with you to build out a well-defined roadmap to address these issues now and ongoingly.

“Thanks to NetSec’s consultancy we have a fully costed plan for our hardware refresh, and a comprehensive set of best practices to apply to ensure our LAN is performant, resilient and secure.”
Our services

A unified supplier for the IT needs of the distribution industry

With a deep understanding of the unique IT demands that distribution businesses face, NetSec are well positioned to drive growth through innovative technology solutions fit for the industry.

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Managed IT Support

Our support packages boast a wide range of benefits, consolidating your IT responsbilities.

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Consulting and strategy

Get expert guidance on demand to help forge a path towards your business objectives.

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Hardware and software procurement

Get guidance and access to premium discounts through our partnerships.

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