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NetSec's Virtual Data Protection Officer Service for Kairos Group

Kairos Group, a leading influencer marketing agency with a global footprint, faced the challenge of ensuring their data protection practices kept pace with their rapid growth.

NetSec were approached to provide a tailored Virtual Data Protection Officer (vDPO) service, designed to navigate the complexities of compliance and risk management within the influencer marketing industry.

The challenge

Kairos Group’s expansion brought about a significant increase in the volume and variety of personal data being handled, making compliance with global data protection laws a complex task.

The nature of influencer marketing meant that Kairos was dealing with sensitive data across different jurisdictions, each with its own set of regulations. The primary challenge was to establish a data protection framework that was both scalable and compliant with international standards, ensuring that every facet of the company adhered to best practices in data governance.

The solution

NetSec provided a comprehensive and completely fractional vDPO service that began with a thorough assessment of Kairos Group's existing data protection measures. This evaluation identified key areas of risk and opportunities for improvement. The solution encompassed:

  • A detailed onboarding and assessment report highlighting potential risks and non-compliance issues.

  • Development of a strategic plan to enhance data protection policies and procedures.

  • Training programs tailored to educate staff at all levels on data protection principles.

  • Regular audits and support to ensure ongoing compliance and to adapt to evolving data protection laws.

By leveraging NetSec’s expertise, Kairos Group was able to ongoingly integrate data protection into their business processes seamlessly.

The results

The implementation of NetSec's vDPO service resulted in a robust data protection strategy for Kairos Group. The assessment report provided by NetSec was instrumental in pinpointing risk areas, allowing Kairos to proactively address them. As a result, the company saw:

  • Enhanced compliance posture with international data protection regulations.

  • Increased awareness and understanding of data protection across the business.

  • A framework that supported the company’s growth while safeguarding against data breaches.

Kairos Group successfully matured their compliance posture, reflecting their commitment to data protection and establishing trust with clients and partners in the influencer marketing industry.

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