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Gregory Group harnesses NetSec expert knowledge and support during their digital transformation project

NetSec was approached by Gregory Group, a distribution company founded in the Southwest in 1919. Gregory Group is one of the largest privately owned transport companies in the UK. NetSec were brought in to help support Gregory on their digital transformation project.

The challenge

We were approached by Gregory to help support their digital transformation roadmap. 

The challenges they faced were directly related to legacy network and infrastructure which posed high security risks as well as poor connectivity and performance.

These unique challenges limited Gregory with the ability to adapt, scale, and respond to ever-increasing operational demands with new sites going live and more staff being recruited.

Gregory Technology Infrastructure and Security Manager said, "We engaged NetSec to perform a network health check against best practices at our HQ and datacentres. The aim was to implement best practice in security and availability, and to advise on replacing our ageing switches."

The solution

Gregory harnessed our bespoke support package to address these challenges. We worked with them to review their existing data centre network infrastructure to improve on network and security design.

  • We completed an in-depth discovery of all networking elements in their data centre sites

  • We produced a high-level design providing expert guidance on best practice methodologies

  • We produced a detailed bill of materials to enable a clear hardware cycle refresh plan to be delivered

  • We provided a clear roadmap to their new environment and future business requirements

Gregory Technology Infrastructure and Security Manager said:

“Thanks to NetSec’s consultancy we have a fully costed plan for our hardware refresh and a comprehensive set of best practices to apply to ensure our LAN is performant, resilient, and secure.”

The results

Digital Transformation: Partnering with NetSec enabled Gregory to take action and begin their road to digital transformation with confidence in their plan.

"NetSec were professional, easy to engage with, understood our objectives and put together a scope of work which perfectly fit our requirements. It was a very positive engagement for us."

Fit-for-purpose Solutions: This included guidance on choosing fit-for-purpose enterprise solutions, how to carry out the deployment in a secure and feature effective manner, as well as a detailed review into critical infrastructure components, so they can make better informed decisions moving forward.

Infrastructure Review: We carried out a detailed review into critical infrastructure components so that Gregory can make better informed decisions moving forward.

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