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Tend Legal boost efficiency and cyber-security protection with NetSec IT Support

NetSec was approached by Tend Legal, a law firm founded in 2020 that provides legal services tailored for startups and scaleups. As Tend Legal grew, the demands on its founders to handle all IT needs with little support also increased.

The challenges

We were approached by Tend Legal to provide an all encompassing IT support package tailored for the needs of a growing small business. NetSec were tasked with providing security, expertise, procurement, strategy, monitoring, and proactive support.

“We’ve been in need of some more structured IT support for a while now and were overwhelmed with where to start. We were approached by NetSec for some advice and had a great chat with the team which led us to asking for an all-inclusive quote for supporting us on our journey. The whole process of onboarding with Myles, Anna and the Netsec team has been really straight forward, and they’ve been really helpful already.”

During the discovery process, NetSec identified that Tend Legal lacked structured IT support which had begun to impact their focus on growing their customer base by slowing them down with day-to-day tech management issues.

The specific issues that Tend Legal faced, which are common IT challenges for small businesses, included securing devices and data, maintaining and updating systems, and having expertise on hand to get systems back online quickly if things went down.

The solution

To address these challenges, we designed a fully managed IT service package tailored to Tend Legal's needs. This included providing accredited and experienced IT engineers available for ongoing support, implementing best-in-class security solutions to protect devices and data from cyber threats, setting up cloud data backups, system health check monitoring, and keeping software up-to-date.

Our wealth of experience in solving the IT problems faced by growing small businesses allowed us to quickly integrate with Tend Legal's IT team and provide the clarity and support they needed.

The results

Partnering with NetSec delivered key benefits for Tend Legal:

Improved security: By implementing industry leading security solutions, NetSec has significantly improved the security of all Tend Legal's devices and data. Sensitive legal information is now protected from the growing threat of cyber attacks targeting professional services firms.

“We are a remote, tech-based law firm so IT and cyber-security is one of our top priorities. We know that professional services are a high target for cybercrime, so keeping on top of the risks and solutions is imperative. If a device goes down then our staff can’t work, so it’s vital that we have great support in-place to get us up and running again as quickly as possible if that was to happen.”

Increased efficiencies: Outsourcing the management and maintenance of IT infrastructure to NetSec has freed up Tend Legal's team to fully focus on serving clients and growing their business. IT issues no longer eat into the work day, as NetSec's engineers proactively monitor systems and rapidly respond to any downtime.

Extended IT team: NetSec has become an extension of Tend Legal's own IT team. Through integrating with their existing team, we have an in-depth understanding of Tend Legal's business and future goals, and are able to provide strategic guidance and support beyond basic IT upkeep. This partnership approach delivers immense value which only increases as Tend Legal scales.

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