We are excited to announce our newest client, Tend Legal!

The NetSec team have been engaged to support Tend Legal’s end-to-end IT infrastructure, with a primary focus on cyber security. Due to the nature of their business, it is vital for the business to proactively remain secure, protect sensitive data, and use technology to remain efficient. NetSec will be the trusted strategy and support partner to advise, implement, and maintain technology solutions whilst staying ahead of the curve. 

A little about Tend Legal… 

Tend Legal was founded in 2020 with a simple mission: to build a better, more human, less formal legal experience for start-ups and scale-ups.

Their unique approach really sets them apart from any competitors. Being a remote Law firm requires them to have a big focus on technology – this is where we come in.

Through our Remote Monitoring and Management tools we will ongoingly monitor their entire IT environment and suggest any solutions that could be implemented to proactively innovate and invest in key areas.

We will help resolve any day-to-day technology issues they might face allowing them to increase operational efficiencies and focus on the day-to-day tasks ahead.

Checkout their website: https://tend.legal/about/

Tend Legal’s Director says:

Why have you opted to partner with NetSec for your outsourced IT?

“We’ve been in need of some more structured IT support for a while now and were overwhelmed with where to start. We were approached by NetSec for some advice and had a great chat with the team which led us to asking for a all-inclusive quote for supporting us on our journey. The whole process of onboarding with Myles, Anna and the Netsec team has been really straight forward, and they’ve been really helpful already.”

How will the partnership with NetSec benefit your business?

“We are a remote, tech-based law firm so IT and cyber-security is one of our top priorities. We know that professional services are a high target for cybercrime, so keeping on top of the risks and solutions is imperative. If a device goes down then our staff can’t work, so it’s vital that we have great support in-place to get us up and running again as quickly as possible if that was to happen.”

NetSec’s Director says:

“Myself and the team are delighted to be supporting Tend Legal’s journey. I love the concept of their business and the legal industry needs more of this innovation and adaption. The partnership will allow us to support Tend Legal’s IT needs, but at the same time put the solutions, processes, and technology in-place to improve their business with our extensive experience.”

“Knowing you’ve got a trusted IT partner to guide you along the way is so key for SMBs, with the ever-growing landscape of technology and security becoming difficult to manage for many business owners. Our approach is to make businesses feel confident and enjoy the journey of technology adoption, whilst knowing they’ve got a trusted pair of hands to help along the way.”

At NetSec, our experience has allowed us to truly understand the needs of SMBs and the importance of having a reliable and proactive IT partner. We integrate into SMB internal teams, acting as an extension, here to help with any IT related issues, concerns, or requests. Our proactive approach means SMB owners can turn their focus on key business areas whilst remaining efficient, secure, and resilient with their technology.

If you would like to understand more about how NetSec can help your business IT needs, then please contact our team for a no-obligation discussion.