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Our consultancy

Our expert consultancy can guide your company to a brighter future

Our expert team is dedicated to guiding you through a transformation journey and optimising your business operations.

Strategic consulting

We evaluate your technology strategy against long-term goals, regulatory needs, risk management, and cost optimisation.

Project design

Our experts collaborate with you to design solutions tailored to your business requirements and objectives, ensuring technical alignment.


NetSec provides deployment services like solution activation, onboarding, migration, and integration based on your strategic roadmap.

Vendor evaluation

With extensive partnerships, we assess vendors across security, cloud, networking, and more to identify optimal solutions for ROI.

Accrediation guidance

Our consultants advise on the processes and controls needed to achieve compliance certifications and help your businesses achieve them.

Management reports

NetSec can assess your infrastructure and processes to architect layered defenses protecting endpoints, networks, data, identities, and apps.

Working with NetSec

We become an extension of your team, dedicated to your continued success

When working with NetSec the process typically begins with a scoping and discovery activity where we identify the needs, challenges, and business objectives. During this process we consider the planned timeframe, budget, and current IT estate to make informed decisions.

Once obtained, a fully documented proposal is produced with bespoke details unique to the challenge or requirement ahead. The proposal outlines the project requirements, technical summary, operational summary, phased timeframe for the work to be completed, costings, and any other required detail for that specific project to begin.

When NetSec are engaged on a project, it will typically start with a kick off workshop with all stakeholders included.  From this collaborative session, we carry out a thorough analysis of existing systems, processes, policies, and technology where applicable.  Followed by the provision of expert advice, strategy development, and implementation of new technology solutions to achieve positive outcomes. Every project has its own unique requirements, therefore depending on the requirements the process might differ.  Our experts use their broad range of experience and skill to determine the best practice approach in every possible scenario.

At NetSec we prioritise communication through the complete end-to-end process with the aim of becoming a trusted partner to your business. This means there will be regular meetings and reports to ensure that your business is kept aware of progress and results, facilitating a collaborative partnership throughout the duration of the consultancy engagement – our goal is for your business to always win.

NetSec meeting in progress
"Thanks to NetSec’s consultancy we have a fully costed plan for our hardware refresh, and a comprehensive set of best practices to apply to ensure our LAN is performant, resilient and secure."
Technology Infrastructure and Security Manager
Specialist Consultancy

Benefits of specialist consultancy

By leveraging the expertise of IT consultants, companies can gain access to specialised knowledge and experience that may not be available in-house without incurring the overheads of high salaries.
These professionals can assist in the implementation of new technologies, optimisation of existing systems, or provide IT solutions that align with the company's strategic goals and budget.

Specialist IT consultancy can help in identifying and mitigating potential risks, ensuring that the business stays ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving technology landscape. This partnership can lead to enhanced productivity, flexibility, cost savings, and a competitive edge in your operating market.

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